Solis 100K Three Phase 5G PRO Inverter

Solis 100k three-phase 5G pro inverter is a great product for sustainable energy, incorporating digital technology and an advanced geology structure for both small residential and commercial. Solis 100k inverter provides extraordinary efficiency energy levels and gathers maximum energy from the solar panel. It also optimizes energy protection with MPPT algorithms during environmental situations. 


The three-phase feature provides a stable and balanced energy output. It also ensures consistent power delivery. With 5G features, users can monitor and control their system in real-time. 


About Solis 100k three-phase inverter:

  • This inverter capacity is max. 13A per sting and 26A per MPPT and has 150% DC overloading capability.
  • This device has 10 individual MPPTs and lower mismatch loss.
  • Solis 100k inverter max efficiency over 99% and create with efficient logic algorithms.
  • It can be integrated with a DC switch.
  • This 100k 5G inverter is approved by industry certificates and standards that guarantee safety and performance benchmarks.
  • It has a great feature which is the leakage current repression feature. 
  • It functions with a local intelligent I-V curve scan function and can monitor and control remotely.
  • The 100k three-phase inverter is integrated with a volt-watt work mode and an optional anti-PID function. And also with reactive power compensation function.
  • It has a remote upgrade option and a Night SVG function.


The Solis 100k inverter is not only an inverter but also a power solution to the demand for advanced, powerful, and efficient green energy for residential and commercial uses.