Salman welcomes everyone to weekend kar vaar. He meets inmates salman says Anurag come on stage for your limelight. Dance for us. Anurag dance. Salman says Tehelka your wife called, she said she doesn’t like this sautan named Arun didi. They laugh. Salman says bed tea was famous, you made bed lunch and dinner famous. Arun says I am used to. Salman says your one liners are working on bigg boss 17 episodes. Salman asks who knew people before coming here? Vicky Ankita say they knew Neil Aishwarya. Salman says say the truth. Aishwarya says we only knew both of them. Vicky says I only asked Neil. He just asked if he’s going. Neil says it was very casual. Isha says Abhishek called me. Salman says wow. Samarth did you know? He says yes sir. Abhishek says I told her to not bring past here. I wanna play with an open heart. Salman says did she listen? He says no.

Salman says you all read your terms and conditions. I am gonna read a clause and we have a lawyer who will do its analysis. You’re not entitled to know identity of other contestants in the program. If you do get to know, before the beginning of the show, then we reserve the right to remove you from the house and not allow further participation. He asks sana to explain. She says if we get to know about other people who’re coming the channel has right to remove us from the show. Salman says did everyone read? How many people honored it? Salman says Ankita did you honor?


Did you know he spoke to Neil Bigg Boss 17 Voot. She says I didn’t know. Salman asks Sana. She says this can restrict their participation. Salman asks who didn’t honor? They put up their hands. Salman says you guys are being honest so we won’t take an action. Neil had his therapy and we got to know the real questions. How did isha come in Vicky’s priority list so quickly? Vicky was happy when Munawar came. people who’re being organic in the show, it’s not a disadvantage against people who made groups and packs before coming. It’s like match fixing. It’s unfair. How many people think it’s okay if people get in touch and plan it out? Everyone says it’s wrong. Neil says we spoke but there was no such conversation.

Vicky says to Aishwarya I spoke to him casually. I read the contract clearly. Munawar says to Mannara i am being respectful. Neil says to Vicky I don’t allow anyone to come in that space. I told yyou I keep poeple away from you and Ankita when there is a fight. Mannara says vicky is less with Ankita and more with Munawar and Isha. Jigna says Munawar is different in the room. Mannara says even after nomination he’d go in and talk to them. Khanzadi hugs Abhishek. NAvid says love is in the air. Neil says to Anurag Aishwarya is still not happy that i shouldn’t have spoken. Neil says Vicky manipulates people and that’s why I distanced. Anurag says exactly on Bigg Boss 17 Online Live.