When you think about local business, what is the first thought that comes to mind? If you’re local entrepreneur Sharifah Hardie, the first thing you think about is the story behind the business, its people, and its clientele.

In other words, when Sharifah Hardie thinks about local business, she first ties it to the people and community of that area. That comes before everything else – even the business’s services. Over a lifelong career as a serial entrepreneur and motivator, she discovered that it is often the stories that connect people with local establishments and keep them coming back.

Sharifah has made it her professional mission to show businesses how they, too, can harness the power of narrative to drive sales and maintain a steady flow of repeat customers. She is all about helping business owners obtain global awareness for their local business.

To bring local businesses together with customers in a more efficient – and cost effective – fashion, Sharifah Hardie has the Ask Sharifah podcast which is distributed through Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic & Spotify.

Sharifah also offers Ask Sharifah Videocast on Facebook Live where she interviews local business owners, showcases their products and services, and helps tell their story to a massive global audience.

So often people talk about the “secret sauce” or “edge” a firm needs to succeed, but, if you’re Sharifah Hardie, you already know the most important thing is creating connections among customers and local firms.

However, Sharifah doesn’t just help local business owners create connections, she also provides them with the tools necessary to succeed. Whether it’s through Sharifah’s book, “Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur – How to Discover the Entrepreneur in You” or through her ebook, “Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing” or just through consulting with business owners Sharifah is determined to utilize her over 25 years of business, Internet and marketing experience to help local businesses seeking global exposure.

Beyond all of this is the massive community Sharifah is building around all of these services. This community has one purpose and that is to connect people and help them connect to whatever they might need. Whether this is legal advice, financial services, or even spirituality and relationship advice, Sharifah is building a community capable of helping all people no matter what they need.

This is why the Ask Sharifah Telephone Directory (833) ASK-S-DIR or (833) 275-7347 was created – to connect community members with high-quality businesses and services. Not only are the members of the Ask Sharifah Telephone Directory partners in business, but many of them are friends as well. The goal of the community is to build each other up as well as the community around us and this is just another way that Sharifah is able to benefit local businesses.

Too often businesses and customers forget the magic of connection and the power it has to drive sales and repeat customers. It’s easy to get a “Like” on Facebook, but it’s way harder to get that person through the front door.

That’s why the Ask Sharifah community is an invaluable resource for local business owners that seek to broaden their customer base and expand into new areas. Working together, learning together, and living side by side with one another, the partnerships between business and local residents cannot be denied.

Sharifah Hardie wants to unleash the transformational power of these relationships and show local businesses how to get them started. Behind every company is a narrative, and the Ask Sharifah community wants local companies to experience nothing but success stories. For more information visit Sharifah at: https://www.AskSharifah.com