Today, there are a growing number of options to consider when self-publishing a book. Each has importance and an impact on the outcome of your project. For example, you may weigh print-on-demand versus full-service printing and book fulfillment services. How you publish your book and fulfill online orders can impact profitability significantly. Your printing choice also governs whether you can sell books anywhere (including brick-and-mortar stores) or only through the websites of on-demand printers. If your book succeeds and has expanded sales opportunities, you’ll want to take full advantage.

When you spend months of your life writing a book, retaining control over the printing and distribution is desirable for many writers. When you enter the template-driven and somewhat cookie-cutter world of print on demand, you’re reduced to content creator. Remaining outside of it allows you to respond to the market, print as book sell, and enter as many sales channels as makes sense. Working with a book distributor is another option, and their sales force can be proactive about pitching your work. No doubt print on demand is convenient, but it forces you to give up other opportunities.

Everything begins with publishing a quality book, which means not cutting any corners. Professional editing and skillful cover design are two areas where you don’t want to miss out. They are among the content preparation services that matter most in developing your book. Covers impact all areas of marketing, and when someone begins to read, you need smooth, well-edited content that holds up well against other titles. People’s expectations for books are high, and the competition is unrelenting, so you can’t take chances. What matters is presenting your work professionally.

If you plan to sell books in stores, carefully consider trim size and binding choice. Each can play a role in your book’s marketability. Taking a product and customer satisfaction approach to your project always bodes well for sales. The point is to stand out in-store and encourage people to select your book over others. Sometimes, a minor factor can play an outsized role in your retail success. It’s the same with pricing. You want to find the “sweet spot” that seems like a value but isn’t too low to bring questions about quality. Nothing replaces benchmarking against your competitors who are doing well.

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