Sage 50 Bob Error 5185 is a common error that can occur when using the Sage 50 accounting software. This error typically appears when trying to open or access your company data, preventing you from viewing or editing any financial information. Fortunately, there are a few troubleshooting methods you can try to resolve this error on your own before needing to contact Sage support.

What Causes the Sage 50 Bob Error 5185?

The Sage 50 Bob error 5185 occurs due to an unexpected interruption or corruption in your company data files. Potential causes include:

  • Power outages, computer crashes, or improperly shutting down Sage 50
  • Network connectivity issues when company data is stored on a server
  • Outdated program files, components, or drivers
  • Exceeding the maximum allowed transactions or data file sizes
  • Permissions changes on data folders preventing Sage 50 from accessing files

Carelessly exporting, emailing, or restoring Sage data backups can also lead to this error code appearing.

5 Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Sage 50 Error 5185

Before contacting Sage customer support for assistance, there are a few basic troubleshooting tips you should try first to fix the Sage 50 error 5185:

1. Restart Your Computer and Sage Software

Restarting your computer will clear out any software errors or glitches occurring in the background. When running Sage 50 again, the program will reload company data files and drivers afresh. This can resolve minor data connectivity issues or software malfunctions causing the error 5185.

2. Verify Your Company Data Folder Path

Check that Sage 50 is pointing to the proper folder location containing your data files. Error 5185 can occur if you’ve changed data drive locations and Sage can no longer find company files to access. Update the existing file path in Sage 50’s Options if needed to the current storage location.

3. Review System and Software Updates

Install the latest Windows updates, .NET Framework releases, SQL Server patches, and Sage 50 updates. An outdated component is frequently the cause behind error 5185 arising in Sage 50. Keeping all programs and drivers updated minimizes software conflicts.

4. Run Sage Data File Diagnostics

Access Sage Drive Options and run the “Verify Data Integrity” diagnostic check on data files. This will inspect files for errors, automatically repairing any data problems which may be triggering the error code. Back up your company file first just in case.

5. Restore Data Files from Backup

If no other troubleshooting solutions have resolved error 5185, restore Sage 50 company data files from a recent backup. An unsaved data change right before a crash or corrupted files over time can prevent opening data. Reverting to an earlier intact copy typically resolves issues.

When to Call Sage Support for Further Help

If trying the suggested troubleshooting tips does not successfully get rid of the Sage Drive Error 5185, then it’s time to contact the Sage support team directly for additional assistance.

Sage experts can remotely access your system for further inspection and error diagnosis. They have advanced tools and techniques that can salvage unreadable company files where regular troubleshooting has failed. This detailed analysis helps precisely uncover what’s causing the “Sage 50 Bob Error 5185” to continually appear.

Depending on what data problems may be found, the Sage support team has a few options:

  • Further walkthrough troubleshooting to fix errors caught in files
  • Repair severely damaged data using advanced Sage recovery software
  • Perform an emergency restore to the latest reliable backup on file
  • As a last resort, rebuild your company data without permanently losing financial records

While multiple error 5185 workarounds are available, getting Sage support promptly when you’re unable to resolve this yourself is recommended. The longer corrupted files remain in use, the more opportunity for possibly irreversible company file damage.

How to Avoid Sage 50 Error 5185 Going Forward

Practicing regular preventative maintenance steps can help avoid “Sage 50 Bob Error 5185” instances happening down the road:

  • Have a battery backup device in case of power disruptions
  • Enable automatic Sage 50 backups to cloud or external drive
  • Maintain a copy of backup files off-main system just in case
  • Close program properly and disconnect networks before turning off
  • Keep all software updated to current versions
  • Refrain from overwriting existing company data files
  • Avoid excessive transactions that bloat data files

Staying proactive on general computer housekeeping when using Sage 50 gives yourself the best chance of avoiding pesky error 5185 scenarios. But if all prevention fails, hopefully the outlined troubleshooting measures can get Sage 50 back up quickly with your data intact. Just know when its best to tap into Sage’s dedicated experts if your own efforts are proving unsuccessful.


Sage 50 Bob Error 5185 typically appears because of some interruption causing company data file problems. Before resorting to contacting Sage contact support, first try restarting your system, checking file paths, installing program updates, running data diagnostics, and restoring recent backups. If these troubleshooting techniques prove ineffective and error 5185 persists, get in touch with the sage customer service team right away for fixing corrupted data issues. Their advanced tools and specialized knowledge can remediate what general troubleshooting cannot. Be sure to also follow their expert advice on best practices that will help avoid any further instances of the Sage 50 Bob Error 5185. Catching and fixing this early helps prevent irreparable long term company file damage.