Gone are the days when print-on-demand was the most viable online selling option for self-published authors. Now, you can find economical book fulfillment services that offer printing capabilities. One of the most profitable places to sell online is your website. When customers buy from you directly, you keep 100 percent of the sale proceeds, and that’s a hefty increase in your profit margin. You will need to make an effort to attract online searches. You can also stay on the large online booksellers, using their “marketplace” selling space rather than on-demand publishing. It can work in your favor.

As you work with a graphic artist to design your book’s cover, remember the likelihood that people will view it in thumbnail size on online pages. Many people will also browse on smartphones with smaller screens. Designing an image that works well in all sizes will help you connect with browsers and increase the chances of closing a sale. It’s also crucial to consider the algorithms recommending your book to shoppers. They rely on many factors, including the information you provide. You’ll do better over time when you take full advantage of book and author pages on prominent online bookselling sites.

When you sell through your websites or the online marketplaces of other companies, having the orders connected to a fulfillment house ready to ship helps. People have high expectations about shipping speed, and you want to surprise them pleasantly. Placing a book order online should be easy, and it should be shipped promptly. If you work with a top-grade fulfillment house, you can ship other items with your books or add custom touches. Examples might be gift cards and packaging that has your branding. It matters to self-publishers that are companies publishing books for PR.

Authors have many promotional options at their disposal today, including social media. If you build a following before publishing your first book, you’ll have a potent promotional vehicle available. Creating posts that go over well with your audience is a significant part of finding success. For some people who are natural extroverts, it’s easy and flows from everyday life. But it does take a knack, and you should proceed cautiously until you find what works best for you. The trick is to avoid offending anyone with your comments. It is clear that politics and other controversial topics are best avoided.