Couples who are facing infertility issues can look for the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) technique, which increases their chances of becoming parents. Couples who are facing fertility issues cannot conceive a baby naturally, which results in them living their lives without a child. The IVF technique is the top procedure for infertile couples as it provides the best chances of having a biological baby. In the worst cases, infertility results in separation and divorce. The average cost of the best IVF clinic in Nepal depends on various factors, such as the cause of infertility, medications, experience of the doctor, qualification of the medical staff, and the services. The cost of the top IVF clinics in Nepal is between NPR 2,00,000 and NPR 4,00,000. The IVF technique requires various steps, so it is an expensive procedure. Experts will accomplish the best IVF treatment in Nepal in the laboratories. A couple can get different packages at an affordable cost from the best destination for top IVF clinics in Nepal. The cost of an IVF clinic in Nepal will increase as there are numerous steps involved, such as finding the reason for infertility, the couple`s age, the condition of eggs and sperm, the reputation of the clinic, and the location of the clinic. When you visit the best IVF clinic in Nepal, an expert will suggest treatment for your infertility condition and even help control inherited diseases in the baby. Women who are around 40 years of age have poor quality and quantity of eggs, which requires multiple IVF cycles. Women who are around 30-35 years of age have high chances of pregnancy. Healthy eggs and sperm will provide a successful pregnancy in the first IVF cycle. The specialist will recommend for an egg or sperm donor if the quality or quantity of eggs is low or poor. There is a good probability that the donor eggs or sperm will help in a successful conception. Top IVF clinics in Nepal can increase treatment charges due to their reputation. Methods such as assisted hatching, TESA, ICSI, IMSI, and PICSI will increase the cost of IVF treatment in Nepal as they increase the chance of pregnancy. The cost of treatment in top IVF clinics in Nepal may increase with the travel and other expenses because foreign couples need to travel from their countries for this procedure.


What are the procedures included in the best IVF treatment in Nepal?

For one complete IVF treatment, it will take three to four weeks. An expert will take ultrasounds and blood tests to determine the couple`s fertility. Counselling will be given to the couple to eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression. Various medications for fertility will be given to the female to increase mature egg production. Later, a hormonal injection will be administered to release these eggs into the uterus. A device called a catheter will be used for this procedure. IVF treatment in Nepal will be performed in the laboratory by collecting the sperm and the eggs of the partners. Fertilization of the eggs with sperm will be performed once the male partner provides high-quality sperm. The SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) technique will be used if the male partner cannot produce high quality sperm. Eggs and sperm will be placed together on a dish to start fertilization process. The ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) technique can be used for the fertilization process, as it will increase the chances of fertilization. Fertilized eggs are called embryos, which will be monitored by an embryologist for a few days. With the help of the catheter, embryos will be transferred into the uterus. After getting a blood test, the pregnancy will be confirmed. It would take two weeks for an embryo to stick to the uterus wall.


Where can a patient find the best IVF clinic in Nepal?

We Care IVF Surrogacy is the best IVF clinic in Nepal and has a higher success rate than other countries. We Care IVF Surrogacy has the best IVF clinic in Nepal, as they have the best qualified medical staff with experienced doctors. If a female partner has blocked, missing, or damaged fallopian tubes, she can look for IVF treatment in Nepal, where the rate of success is higher than in other countries. If a couple has experienced multiple miscarriages or cannot conceive a baby, they are advised to get IVF treatment in Nepal. If a couple has a genetic disorder, they can also look for IVF treatment in Nepal. The expert can recommend the PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) to the couple for not transmitting the genetic disorder to the baby. Irregular ovulation results in not producing quality and quantity eggs. Menopause can cause failed ovaries. Thus, the couple is advised to go for IVF treatment in Nepal. If a couple has an advanced age, they have fewer pregnancy chances as it reduces the production of mature eggs. Male infertility is another problem that causes the couple to not conceive a healthy baby. If a male partner is not able to produce quality sperm, they can look for an IVF procedure.



The best IVF clinic in Nepal is We Care IVF Surrogacy, as it helps couples who are facing infertility issues. Because of infertility many couples nowadays cannot conceive a baby, which results in various problems between them, including divorce and separation. Couples who are looking for a high success rate in pregnancy with the best satisfaction, expertise, and advanced technology can look for the best IVF clinic in Nepal. Personalized care will be given throughout the entire IVF procedure to help them become parents.